Company Profile

Shanghai Gemdem Diamond Co., Ltd. founded in 1998; officially changed its name in 2007; the registered capital is 10 million Yuan; is a large local Chinese supplier of the cutting diamond trade, and also is the China's first private enterprises which operating business of the natural colored diamonds.

Gemdem Diamond Co., Ltd is the holding subsidiary of Kingee Culture (Stock Code: 002721) and is the leading diamond industry under the Kingee Culture. Relying on the background of the listing corporation, the sales channel and market development of Gemdem Diamond Co., Ltd have been greatly expanded in the diamond industry.

The company is headquartered in Shanghai, with subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and the main business is in Shenzhen. It is the first member of Shanghai Diamond Exchange; also it is demonstration unit of the State Customs Department Shanghai Diamond import and export regulatory; and is in the top five of Shanghai finished diamond import and export customs clearance; rough diamond imports ranks first; annual sales is nearly hundreds of millions Yuan.

Gemdem Diamond Co., Ltd. has a blank extensive contacts and cooperation with a number of global diamond manufacturers and diamond miners, and it has set up offices in Belgium, Israel, India and so many diamonds trading center and has set up a diamond cutting and polishing factory in Shenzhen, China. Currently the company is applying for global diamond monopoly DTC (De Beers's diamond trading center) sightholders allotment option and qualifications.

Gemdem Diamond Co., Ltd. has a strong business foundation throughout the whole country, and is the major supplies of Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook jewelry, Luk Fook Jewellery, domestic listed companies CHJ, Caibai jewelry and Jovan jewelry. And it has become the most powerful and influential mature diamond enterprises which was recognized by the domestic and international jewelry counterparts.