Company Profile

Kingee Jade was established by Kingee Culture (stock code: 002721), positioned "light luxury new fashion jade brand", explicitly proposed the new idea of "contemporary aesthetic interprets Chinese culture" and constantly develop jade boutique which is fused fashion elements and Chinese culture. Jade boutique passes naturally, freedom of the quality life, and can lead the new trend of urban fashion.

As a pioneer of the new trend of global emerald light luxury, Kingee Jade advocates relaxed cosmopolitan women's new life and in international perspective gathering the world's top jewelry designer and master craftsman to draw inspiration from Chinese traditional culture, then perfectly combined with the essence of Chinese culture and the international fads, using the world's leading design and technology and the creation of Chinese culture will lead a new trend of light extravagant jewelry for new urban female nature, freedom, freedom of the quality of life and add infinite brilliance.

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