Company Profile

Adhering to the corporate culture, philosophy and development strategy of the Kingee Culture Group, Chongqing Kingee is with gold, silver and other precious metals for the carrier and based on traditional Chinese culture, is committed to product research and development of precious metals, and pay attention to the bank business development of precious metals. It has a rich cultural heritage and gold color.

The parent company of Beijing Kingee Cultural Development Co., Ltd., is the cultural and creative industry leader, now has six subsidiaries, they are: Shanghai Kingee Gold Silver Building, Jiangsu Kingee Culture, Jiangsu Kingee Gold Jewelry, Shenzhen Kingee Culture, Shenzhen Kingee Investment and Hebei Shangdao trade. And the staff is more than 1000. Our  company adheres the product development philosophy of” let the gold tell culture and then the culture interpreted the gold” and around the "Creative see real gold" brand positioning, we gradually open up a new field of Chinese precious metal handicraft industry. The subsidiary of Jiangsu Kingee was awarded the title "national culture industry demonstration base" by the Ministry of Culture.

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