Company Profile

Baeusea Jewelry is launched by Nanjing Baeusea Jewelry Chain Co., Ltd in August 2013 and it is closer to the market and consumers in the fashion needs of all categories of jewelry brand, the registered capital is 100 million Yuan. The company set up franchised stores in the city core tier regional and shopping malls, the number of stores is up to one hundred across the whole country and the annual expansion target is 300 stores. Central Emporium, Nanjingxinbai, Nanjing commercial, Golden Eagle system, China to Yaohan system and Su fruit supermarket system are the main joint venture partners of Baeusea Jewelry. Only in the main commercial system, the annual sales volume is more than 600 million Yuan. In the channel development, Baeusea Jewelry will continue its intensive distribution in Nanjing; strengthen the central and northern area of Jiangsu; vigorously develop Jiangsu and Anhui area. And relying on years of accumulated comprehensive competitiveness of the brand, product, operations, etc, actively expand and develop across the whole country. And Beijing Lufthansa shop has opened in 2015 and now is among the national chain brand first line array.

Corporate Philosophy

Baeusea Jewelry not only bears the essence of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and the quality, but also tries to meet and satisfy the customers’ mainstream aesthetic needs of a new era and relentless chasing fashion of the consumer trends. To this end, the company carefully studied and analyzed different levels of consumer psychology, objectively judged jewelry market trends, efforts to explore jewelry fashion gene growth and tempered a Baeusea Jewelry which is more innovative and meaningful and will fit today's fashion consumption trends.

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